Quality goods from Netherlands

The Company Agroservice devotes to commercial activity especially with agricultural products. The main commercial commodities are potatoes. The Company is as representative of the dutch company Van Rijn bv, which breeds, multiplies and produces new varieties of potatoes for the market in whole Europe. Agroservice produces and distributes seed potatoes and potatoes for the consumption and also for processing to crisps and chips.


Reliability in transport

The Company realizes international and intrastate transport of goods by the individual requisites of customers between states of European Union, particularly from Slovakia to Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands etc. The transport is realized by nine own trucks.



Forwarding services

The Company Agroservice provides also other services in full truck load transport, especially forwarding services of the goods in various volume and weight to all states of west and central Europe including transport inside Slovakia.

Other services

Agroservice also provides customs clearing services connected with import or export of goods.



Section of forwarding services is accessible 16 hours a day, section of trade you can contact from 08.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m.

AGROSERVICE Trnava s.r.o.
Ul. 9. mája 29
917 02 TRNAVA

tel.: 033/53 44 801-2
fax: 033/53 44 801-2